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Hi There

I'm Juliana

I help small hostels and B&Bs increase their direct bookings & avoid third party fees by creating a soulful & authentic website

My journey

I have always loved to travel. Which is ironic since I come from a family of people who couldn’t be less into it. But ever since I was a girl I loved it. I would look forward to our short getaways to the coast, the countryside, or the longer car rides I tagged along with my uncle, aunt and cousins.

And when I was old enough (and had enough money) I took off to London to be an Au Pair and haven’t sat still since. A couple of years ago I finally decided it was time to get my backpacking plan off the paper and left for a 7 month long trip around Europe. On this trip I found out I’m definitely a slow traveler. I LOVE new places, new people, new adventures. But I hate rushing. I hate packing. And I definitely hate leaving places. I guess I see the irony here too… But it’s true. I love travelling, but I hate leaving. 

Goodbyes are hard.

My mission

One of my favorite things about traveling are hostels. And campings. And small cosy B&B’s. And I believe a lot of times I loved the city not necessarily because it was a great city. But because I stayed in an awesome place and met awesome people.

So this is why I am so excited to help small hostels and B&Bs create a website that showcases their place, their mission and their business the best way possible. 

As much as I love the human side of business and strongly believe that success comes with authenticity, every business needs to be profitable. And I know that one of your biggest struggles as a hostel owner are booking fees and the huge competition when you depend on booking sites.

So my mission here is to give your business the best chance of profit, by attracting guests directly to your website.
Guests will choose your place not because it’s the cheapest one or because it was the first to pop up on the booking site. They will choose you because they will feel like they know you and your place before even getting there. They will be excited to arrive and have the best time.

My experience

I’ve graduated in Tourism and worked in the hospitality industry for years. I’ve worked in hostels in Spain, Italy and the UK and I absolutely loved my time with each of them.

When I first started building websites, I knew I’d like to link this skill with something I’m passionate about. And that’s when I decided I wanted to work primarily with the hospitality industry. Why not use my developing skills to help businesses in a field I love so much?

Get In Touch

I'd love to hear from you!

I work with authentic people who poured their heart and soul into their business and want it to be the best it can.  

If that's you I would love to chat! 

Check out my services or send me a message and let's get started!
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